We save you time in maintaining your digital department

Maintenance and web hosting



You say the name that you want for your project and we make you a few proposals for the end of the domain: .net, .com and .es so you can choose the one that fits better. If you want a different domain please contact us because isn't included in pack.


We offer you a hosting plan that fits with the different needs of your project: capacity, phone support and Teamviewer. Dispose of the enough space to host your online shop or digital project without complexities and migration included.


We host your existent web page and the previous migration is free, we offer as well cloud backup service and creation of high security emails and maintenance of your CMS. We can also create another web page if you need one.

What does Web Pack offer?



  • Domain with .com, .es, .net
  • Migration of hosting and domain
  • We update for you your CMS
  • Security revisions of your CMS
  • Phone support + email
  • Teamviewer support
  • Hosting SSD, 4Gb
  • Email hosting, 20Gb
  • Monthly transference, 64Gb
  • Install SSL

PC's maintenance service


Premium Maintenance

  •  35 hours per month
  •  Support by chat and phone
  •  Presencial support
  •  Corrective maintenance
  •  Backup Cloud
  •  Elimination of virus, troyans malware or spyware
  •  Server maintenance
  •  Diagnostics and solutions
  •  2 auditories of all your sistem once per month

Standard Maintenance

  •  20 hours per month
  •  Support by chat and phone
  •  Server maintenance
  •  Diagnostics and permanent solutions
  •  Elimination of virus, troyans malware or spyware
  •  Software update
  •  Operating system, Antivirus, Management programs, etc.
  •  1 auditory for your operative system per month

Remote Maintenance

  •  10 hours per month
  •  Support by chat and phone
  •  Server maintenance
  •  Diagnostics and permanent solutions
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